Lockdown 13 Replicating Perfection for last time

Deus Mortis 82

Wanted to try this identity before rotation. I tried severe builds but https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/60489/big-spiky-centrals-11-undefeated-games-on-jinteki-net- suited me the most so I took it as starting point. Deck needed more Ice and Excalibur works great with this ID. I added kill combo of Dedicated Ceremony + Ronin as secondary win condition for unaware runners or as finishing blow after disassembling them piece by piece. Deck wins same amount by flatline and scoring shielded by hard to break ice due to Sundew. Wall of thorns should be Mlinzi (due to lockdown restriction I couldn't use Anansy). Cerebral Overwriter is something that almost no one would have guessed to find in this deck and it makes it much easier to kill runners with Ronin, Bio-Ethics or Snare!.