Cologning the Message - 4th, 43rd and 77th at EurAfrs

cableCarnage 2424

Do you miss NEH? Do you want to install so many remotes that the spectators need satellite view? Do you like tags as a non binary resource? Well then this is the deck for you.

60% of the time it works everytime

Corp deck played by @cableCarnage, @mrteatime66 and @PuMeGo* at EurAfrs 2020.

A few months ago mrteatime66 wanted to learn CtM. He did so, fell in love with the id and played it exclusively to the chagrin of the Cologne meta. He wanted to play CtM at EurAfrs so we set out to build the best CtM for the meta. Turns out the deck has more in common with tempo NEH than classic CtM, being derived from the BLM tournament winning list which is then derived from internet's list.

With the latest ban list Global Food Initiative and Mumba Temple can be played together once more, which is what the BLM winning list did. However in testing we found that Bellona was stronger. The 5 credit tax on Bellona was usually more relevant than the agenda point cheating of GFI. Furthermore cutting GFI freed enough influence for the third Tour Guide which is probably the best ice for the deck. The other major changes are adding a third Daily Business Show (playing any less is madness), adding 2 extra pieces of ice to be less vulnerable to sick rips and making space for a full set of Calibration Testing.

Overall pleased with the performance of the deck. The main change I would consider is a tweak to the ICE suite and maybe finding space for a CSR Campaign.

*PuMeGo may have swapped the NASX for a third PAD Campaign which would be a shocking betrayal of the Process.†

†But seriously the extra ability on NASX never triggered during the tournament so PuMeGo's change is trivial. Do have a look at her Apex when she publishes the list.

30 Jul 2020 PuMeGo

This deck felt amazingly fast and strong, I recommend trying it out and make your opponent cry ;) I know I'm partly responsible for dropping the win rate, but please try it out either way! =D Thx for posting this @cableCarnage