internet ctm

internet 680


The whole innernette, all in 12 influence!

This deck is a product of my highly rigorous and inspired deckbuilding process:

  1. Lose a lot of games as various corps against Tech Traders
  2. Get frustrated, cut the rotated cards + AAL from Internet NEH, put it in CTM, swap Degree Mill for Bellona 'cause it looks fun
  3. Get frustrated again because I can only corp in 50% of my games :(

This deck has been accurate described as "chunkier NEH" - install lots of cards, draw lots of cards, and overwhelm the runner with Stuff© as you shove agendas behind gearchecks. What rotation so unjustly stole in speed, the deck makes up in durability; even with a grip full of event econ, it's very difficult for the runner to start trashing your board early, which lets you fire Rashidas, snowball off draw/credit assets, and eventually chain on-score triggers. HHN keeps runners honest, and if they do go tag-me, you can click for credits and protect R&D until Psycho+agendas win the game.

(Credit to rongydoge for the header image inspiration)