Naked Bootleg

SanguineLord 34

Naked Bootleg (American football) - An offensive play predicated upon misdirection in which the quarterback pretends to hand the ball to another player, and then carries the ball in the opposite direction. The ‘naked’ refers to a high-risk variation where the quarterback performs this deception without blockers.

This is my first pass at a Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home deck, and I wanted to explain a little of my thought process so that I can hopefully get some community feedback and help on how to improve the deck.

The idea is to run a semi-Haarpsichord style Agenda package and leverage the ID ability to gain tempo and score out using ‘set plays’: Combinations of Biotic Labor, Jeeves Model Bioroids and Game Changer allowing me to score from hand.

Part of this game plan requires that the opponent be stealing agendas to trigger your ID ability. You shouldn’t be afraid to feed them a Domestic Sleepers or a Hyperloop Extension to gain cards and credits. This also switches on the true value of Game Changer and Stock Buyback, allowing you to burst up to the credits needed to perform some of the more expensive plays.


This is the part of the deck build that I’m the shakiest on and the least sure of. Literally anything here can and probably should be replaced as the deck matures and I figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Meridian– Seems like such good value no matter how it is used. It is either an ETR and a refund of its rez cost, a 3 tax for paperclip or it’s a -1 agenda that charges Stock Buy-Back and Game Changer. So long as you remember that it is not only porous but essentially trashes itself, it should be very useful.

Archer – Given the number of agendas and the low points value of some (0 in the case of Domestic Sleepers) it seemed like a good opportunity to try and slip an Archer in. People might not expect to face check something this dangerous in a rush deck and if it fires it gives you so much more time to try and score the trickier agendas.

Turing – Given it's resistance to Aumakua and a 6 tax on Black Orchestra when on a remote, it seemed like a decent piece of mid-cost ICE.

Other cards

The 1x EOI gives you the illusion of tag punishment, which means there is reason for the runner to not just keep taking the tags. If this bluff doesn’t work and people consistently float tags, I might find room for a BOOM! or just drop the News Teams altogether.

Giordano Memorial Field seems so strong as a defensive upgrade provided you can feed your opponent 3 things to put in their score area.

Jinja City Grid, Advanced Assembly Lines, Lakshmi Smartfabrics, Fast Break and Team Sponsorship were all potential includes, but I wanted something with some excess money and a simpler game plan for my first outing with the deck.

4 Jul 2018 xo_rocinante

I love this deck. Had the chance to play it yesterday and it was one of the most fun games I've had in a long time. Fast, furious and also janky in a good way!

I was on 4 points - runner on 6 while having 7 agenda cards in his score area with News Team, Mad Dash, Sleepers etc. My remote with Vitruvius was porous as hell and we both knew that the runner would have won next round because he spy cam'd my R&D (1 point agenda on top) and exposed my Vitruvius with Falsified Credentials on my remote. Even my Giordano Memorial Field would not have stopped him.

So.. what did I do? Triple Advance and score the Vitruvius. Jeeves gave me a fourth click. I had exactly 6 credits left and played a Game Changer for 7 (!) additional actions. Finally I used three of these to score my Domestic Sleepers for that last point.

While it isn't as exciting writing about it.. it felt so freaking great! :-)

12 Jul 2018 Toothball

I've played this deck a few times today and have been pleasantly surprised how well its been working! There's so much money and after a while it didn't seem to matter how few pieces of ice there are in it. I even won a game after getting Apocalypsed, as the money package meant I could still play Biotic Labor and Game Changer. The News Teams worked out really well too, fuelling Game Changer and Stock Buy-Back. Thanks for posting it!