Bomb 'em to Stoneage Son!

Tzane 12

Inspired by this guy, but I decided to go for the PE instead. Slotted in Nightmare Archive instead of Big Deal to help against the runner stealing the 1 pointers. That also freed a couple of influ for Gaslight x 2.

Played this in a local casual tournament, ended up up going 3w - 1tie with the deck.

  1. Obokata steal into Punitive Counterstrike
  2. Scoring victory
  3. Ananas to the face + to setup a snare on top of R&D
  4. Timeout tie

As the runner I played with Loup with a couple of changes.

Hindsight, the ice suite is a bit thin and feels like the runner might sneak out some early steals nulling the punitive strategy if you don't draw any ice early.

Btw. is it just me or does the 2021 SG Punitive Counterstrike look like Captain Kilgore?