Panic Reavershop Wu (2nd place at No Land Beyond CO, 5-0)

RepoRogue 133

I threw this list together after looking at a couple of different Wu lists. Reavershop looked fun and seemed to have a better matchup spread than the Sable list I had been testing since MS released on JNet. I played and lost a single practice game on JNet and besides that went into the event with no Reavershop and very little Wu or Pawnshop experience. To my surprise, I went undefeated on the day.

I beat Prav, BtL rush, Mwanza PD, SportsMetal, and Jinja Azmari glacier. Only the game vs. BtL was particularly close. I won most of them via Deep Dive after doing the classic remote camp/Clot lock.

Card Choices:

This was a 46 card deck before I added HART after my single practice game was a loss vs. grinder PE. @thebigunit3000 generously lent me a set of MS cards. Unfortunately, I only found two copies of Endurance, which is the only reason I'm on 2x instead of 3x. 3x is almost certainly correct.

The list felt good but too poor. I'm not sure exactly what to cut, but I know I want more money. Environmental Testing and Rezeki are the two cards I'd look to slot first. Alongside perhaps more Creative Commissions and Overclocks.

I also found myself wishing I had a Propeller or a Gauss to tutor against gear checks. If I wanted to really wild, I could cut the Paperclip for a Stargate or something of that sort.

If I decide to go hard into Rezeki, then swapping Engolo for Unity may be necessary from an MU perspective. Both decisions would be consistent with slowing the deck, shifting the good matchups away from rush and towards glacier/prison.

As far as cuts go, HART and Pelangi (I forgot about Wu's inability to tutor viruses) would be my first two cuts. Anything beyond that is going to be tough. I'd look next at the events. Pinhole Threading is far too good to give up. Perhaps the list could lose a Rejig or even an Overclock?

3x Stoneship is essential tech in this meta and is basically Diesel 4-6 with Reaver. Definitely keep them.