Startup! Let me talk to you about Centrals

Veronica 51

Zahya Sadeghi is here to teach you why running aggressively is good for you. Hit those central servers, force the Corp to rez ICE, and get accesses.

This is a fairly bread-and-butter Startup deck that should work excellent for newer players getting into the game following the release of System Gateway. Keep in mind that at the time of making this decklist, there are still a few cards from System Gateway that haven't been previewed, so some tweaking may still be advisable.

How to play this deck

The basics are pretty simple: you want to make aggressive runs on the central servers (R&D and HQ), using cards like Pennyshaver and Red Team to fund your repeated aggression. Docklands Pass lets you see multiple cards on HQ, which also works with your ability, while The Maker's Eye can be used to see a bigger stack of R&D.

At the start of the game, immediately start running. Preferably at servers the corp installed ICE on: you want to force them to rez it since it costs them money and then you know what you have to deal with. Once you know, Mutual Favor gets you the tools to get in.

Speaking of tools, a good runner always has some tricks in their back pocket, and in our case they are Boomerang and Tranquilizer. One especially neat trick is waiting until the Tranquilizer has derezzed a piece of ICE, then using Simulchip to trash and then immediately replay that Tranquilizer on a different piece of ICE.

The Class Act will fuel your draw (for new players: note that you can choose to trash an installed copy of The Class Act to play a second copy if you just want to draw 4) and Bravado and Sure Gamble are money cards.

Go! Run! Be aggressive. Trust that the unrezzed ICE won't be so bad, and watch the corp desperately for credits when you force them to rez all their ICE.

25 Mar 2021 pickledump

I was thinking of a similar list, though mine uses 2x Conduit instead of makers eye + simulchip. I do like the simulchip + tranquilizer interaction for when the corp inevitably overinstalls the ice its on.

I've been out of the netrunner loop for a while and was looking to get back in with Startup so I love to see people brewing Startup lists.

27 Mar 2021 Veronica

@pickledumpI actually also have a Conduit list but I think this one is slightly easier to pilot for newer players? With some of the "Trash a Program" sentries I think having some Simulchip can prevent a new player from accidentally locking themselves out of a game.

Plus they do combo with Abagnale. Sometimes. I can't remember the last time I used the ability. It doesn't come up much.

27 Mar 2021 dnddmdb

I was thinking about trying rigshooter in Startup with no conspiracy breakers around, and I'm sure I'm not alone. So I think the simulchips are a good choice!

28 Mar 2021 pickledump

That’s what the backup breakers are for 😄. Maybe a single retrieval run which works better after the fact anyway.

And yeah I didn’t consider the combo with abagnale, I’m looking forward to trying it both ways!