AMERICA CTM - 1st at Preston and Manchester

FoilFlaws 1110


The UK could only managed to beat this CTM twice across two regionals. What a clown country.


They were all so bankrupt, they couldn't even break Enigmas! What a joke.


All as slow as turtles, can't move fast enough to beat an agile American. No changes across both regionals, a version of this also got 2nd at Cleveland regionals.

2 Jul 2018 Ar00nDELL

Grats on the win! Was R&R legal?

2 Jul 2018 shanodin

R&R was not legal.

2 Jul 2018 binarydogs

I don't like decklists very often but the write up alone deserved it.

3 Jul 2018 FoilFlaws

For some real netrunner talk:

There's nothing particularly spicy in this list. Mull for Rashida or CBG and do what you can to fire those early. Ideal start vs Val is Hedge, Rashida, Engima on the Rashida.

You want at least 2 Team Sponsorships running to get back Calibration and Rashida with every score. I am on 3 Calibration so that 1 Team Sponsorship can always recur Rashida and I know I will draw another Calibration soon. If you're firing on all cylinders, you should be using Rashida 4-5 times a game.

For R&R cards: I am going to test Lady Liberty over a Calibration Testing as they fit the same role for roughly the same cost, but no TS triggers. Fly on the Wall, I don't think cleanly fits in this deck. There's probably a different CTM deck where it fits perfectly and that should be explored.

3 Jul 2018 djkokakola

Realistically, what changes with RnR against this deck? You have a TagMe runner, and a bit of asset hate, but beyond that is there anything that can really make this deck not be good?

19 Aug 2018 nungunz

Would Arella Salvatore be useful in addition or instead of MVP?

Are you thinking of cutting x1 Calibration Testing for x1 Lady Liberty?