Temüjin/Clone Chip Whizzard, 1st place Varberg SC

Siegl 665

I've played this deck in two SCs together with NEH Railgun and one GNK with Sleeper Hold.

The only change I've done is +1 Rumor Mill for the latest tournament because I expected to see some Caprise and Batty out of Palana and ETF. It's also nice if you get a remote lock to deny Jackson. Then agendas pile up in HQ and you can hit them with Nerve Agent.

It went undefeated, 4-0, in the GNK in Karlshamn. Can't remember what decks I faced :P

2-1 in Malmö SC, only 6 players unfortunately. Won vs AoT and Palana Grail. Lost to another Palana Grail, where the Rumor Mill would've been really nice to not only combat Caprice/Batty but also Scarcity which was really tough T1.

4-1 in Varberg SC, 16 players, 4 rounds of swiss + top 4. Won vs NEH Railgun, ETF Friendscoats, Hasty CI and Palana Grail. Lost to a BaBW Midseason Boom deck, where I went for an IAA remote into medium-digg hoping for the win. Didn't get it and it was completely unnecessary since if he scored a 3-pointer it would still only be 5-4 in corps favor. Going for the remote could have been the right play if I'd followed up with Nerve Agent instead to get rid of Boom or likely get an agenda.

10-2 overall in three tournaments, Whizzard, Temüjin and Sifr seems to be good cards, who knew?!