11th @ Worlds: Still Spamming Assets

ryanbantwins 2031

This is the RP-list that I played during Worlds 2019 and finished on the 11th place. Iterations of this deck also won me 2 Regionals this year, and a 3rd place at Belgian Nationals.

The plan is to score agendas while gaining tempo with your assets. You have 3 ways to score your agendas. While piloting this deck, you should always consider all of these possibilities instead of focussing too much on Fast advance.


This is the only thing that really changed lately. I added Eli 1.0 so that I had more relevant ICE against Smoke. This also gave me the opportunity to switch 2 Marilyn Campaign's for Sundew's while keeping HB-alliance. Last minute I also changed one Chiyashi for a Cortex Lock so that I have more relevant ICE in the early game vs Apoc Anarch.

10 Oct 2019 ayyyliens

Cool deck, I can really see the inspiration from tijgerbol here!