Roadrunner StealthPunk (1st @ Poznań SC July 2022)

Odol 1200

With 7 out of 13 players in the Poznań SC tournament this weekend choosing HB as their corp faction, every game I had as a runner felt like speed racing.

In this context, swapping the Imp package (meaning Imp and two Simulchips to recur it) for 3x Deuces Wild felt like the correct choice.

Being able to effectively set up what I believe to be the most efficient breaking rig in the game helped me win all of my HB match-ups - against 5N00P1's Asa, PDs from Muras and Minstrel, and Matuszczak's PD disguised as Sportsmetal) - with no Light the Fire!, Political Operative, or other tech cards...

... and no Deep Diving either - I would much rather depend on my TTW-FtT duo to secure the win instead, thank you very much.

The card that shined the brightest, though, was Takobi that helped me consistently contest a 4-ice remote against Matuszczak turn after turn, despite one of the ice being a Sandbox-powered Macrophage.

I did not face a single Brân 1.0, unfortunately, as I would have loved to break it for 2 creds and 2 Takobi counters (getting another counter in the process). Assuming it is "fine" to break it for 5 real credits with Paperclip feels to me as a failure to understand Smoke-level efficiency.

The only game I lost was to Śmieszny's Gagarin - looking in the face of two Urban Renewals in turn 1 was not exactly the start I was hoping for - especially that I am not that good at contesting assets as a player either, which Śmieszny was able to forge into an impressive Renewal-Azef kill.

I am very much looking forward to the Midnight Sun cards - have no fear, I am not planning on abandoning Smoke no matter how amazing the options for other runners might be, so this is by no means the final iteration of StealthPunk :)

Also, I would like to thank Bookkeeper for organizing a great event and all the people who showed up. Rock on!

11 Jul 2022 @Bookkeeper

Congrats on the finish!

Not only did you rock, playing the stealth magic during the rounds, but you were also a great help for running the whole event! Thank you!

11 Jul 2022 Jinsei

Impeccably clean list, even without Imp

Congrats Odol!

11 Jul 2022 ayyyliens

Takobi is an underappreciated card, Nice list!

13 Jul 2022 ThePatrician


16 Jul 2022 aunthemod

Takobi is friggin baller I love this. Def gonna try and make it work in Kabo hehe

16 Jul 2022 Smieszny

I was very luckly on our game. In normal draw You should win.

19 Jul 2022 LazyJ

I love Afterimage! This list is inspiring me to maybe try Standard instead of constantly hiding in Startup.