But wHyoubu?

pouchsurfer 250

I brought this deck to the Philly Standard GNK. I was looking for a different spin on red glacier, and figured it was time to dust off an old love of mine from my Ashes Startup beginnings. The econ value [Hyoubu(/en/card/26039) provides is close to Restoring Humanity, but fighting with 15 instead of 17 influence makes it much less capable than AgInfusion. So why play it? Absolutely no reason. But can you imagine the satisfaction when getting an unexpected credit while being hit with a White Hat or when the runner installs a Corporate Defector (courtesy of sebastiank)?

As my friend Sanjay put it, "the key to a corporation's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time"

Warning: this is not a very good deck and should be consumed with moderation.

Sit back or go fast?

The list has a weird pull of tension between wanting (and often being able to) go really fast, and being capable of turtling for the long run. Against long-term control runners, make a ton of money with Celebrity Gift and recurring Subliminal Messaging, and score a Regenesis+ early, either from hand with Big Deal or from the board. Against aggressive runners, sit back, make money, and watch them plant their faces against your mean ICE suite. The ideal scoring pattern in both cases is a Regenesis+ and a #Big Deal for the win. We make enough money to score with 2 Big Deal.

By the way, the textbox on Regenesis says "reveal" O.O

A magician never reveals their secrets

Abuse reveal effects. Celebrity Gift is so much money out of nothing. Wave allows us to reveal a piece of ice (+1), and add it to our hand, diluting HQ when we need to. Bamboo Dome is fun and not very good (what do you mean 2 to trash? why can't we have nice things...?). Keep your tricks hidden as long as possible. Showing Big Deal and Regenesis early gives away a lot of our gameplan, and makes the runner suspicious. Much better to sneak a 3 point agenda in the bin with an unsuspecting Hansei Review to then score 4 points from hand.

The gift that keeps on giving

Recur Celebrity Gift. Spin them back or Simulation reset them. Gift is goodTM. That's it.

Much love to DeeR, Lucas, Jonas, Karrius, Sanjay, Thrantar, and Will for the great games at the Philly GNK! Always a delight to hang out with you folks.