Reeducation is easier at 40 - played by Odonuvo - 4-4 @World

Diogene 4086

Reeducation made it back to World 2023, continuing the trend from World 2022. This did 4-4 at World 2023, played by Odonuvo.

Game plan : go fast, jam hard, you win only by flatline.

Mulligan plan : you wan at least one ice in hand.

In the Montreal meta, we created a testing group, called Dép Dive. Initially, we tried to make Punitive Issuaq work, but it did not do well in testing. So we switched to make a variation of the deck used at World 2022. With the rotation and with the new cards, we tested and got pretty good result.

Instead of shuffling cards with Special Report, Gaslight can let us import our combo. With Digital Rights Management, it is like having a 4th Reeducation. Finally, with all the draw that we are doing, Your Digital Life gets us load of credits in one click, to prepare for our combo.

We do not want to protect everything. Build a double iced remote, get Neurospike and Seamless Launch in hand, then install-advance-advance Reeducation to win the following turn. This lets us bypass the problem of Steelskin Scarring. Only Lat: Ethical Freelancer could be an issue, and nobody play Stoneship Chart Room.

By going fast, we can block the runner before the board can be setup. Winning because Ping is there and there is on fracter is a possibility. Also, sometime the runner mistake the corp for a fast advance deck, thus letting us put Reeducation and not contesting.

In testing, we tried a 44 cards version, which had +1 Echo Chamber, +1 Tithe, +1 Digital Rights Management, +1 Your Digital Life. But the 40 cards version was selected because if increased the speed and the consistency of being able to use the combo earlier. Like any risk-reward bet, the cost of 40 cards is the less diluted agendas, making them easier to find.

Of note, two matches were "friendlies", since Odonuvo did "intentional draw" for two rounds. Those matches were counted in the performance of the deck (if won or lost in the friendly game).

The deck went 4-4 at World 2023. Congratulation to Odonuvo for making it so far at @World 2023 and for taking this deck that was tested by our newly formed testing group in Montreal. Shoutout to the team and a special thanks to Odonuvo for bringing this deck to World 2023.