Advancements Everywhere at the Brewery!

elidelajandro 84

The idea behind this deck is simple:

1) You cannot allow yourself to go broke. 2) You must be aggressive in setting up. Sometimes you gave up a Mushin'd Obokata but you get information on whether the runner is going to attack your advanced stuff.

This deck took inspiration from the 7th place finisher at World's (LPL is love. LPL is life.) and Robby Fry (29th at Worlds) for all the advancement synergies. Plus this style of high stakes bluffy ANR got a lot of love with Reign and Reverie. Plus, the Beekeeper allows you to farm your advancements from Otoroshi/busted traps/etc.

This deck needs only two copies of Slot Machine to be perfect but our T/O was being the fun police so I had to improvise. (-1 Archived Memories, -1 Ronin

I got to use Hangeki in half my games. I'm satisfied...for now. Play and enjoy!