frontu 313

19 Apr 2014 weepinggorilla

How often does this actually go off? What can the runner do to prevent it?

19 Apr 2014 frontu

It goes off usually by turn 6-8, but if you're facing Noise/Imp/Keyhole, you could be in huge trouble. The runner can either trash all 3 Jacksons or RD lock you from getting the 2 agendas you need in hand. I've also been account siphoned a bunch, but I still barely won that match.

19 Apr 2014 pleaix

Could you explain the clicks, can't seem to get it right :/

19 Apr 2014 frontu

"1: MirrorMorph: Install Jackson Howard, Efficiency Committee or Jackson Howard, and a 3 or 5 cost agenda.

2: Power Shutdown

Use Jackson

3: Accelerated Diagnostics: Install Jackson Howard or Efficiency Committee with Interns, Reclamation Order to bring back Accelerated Diagnostics, Biotic Labor.

Now you have 1 Jackson Installed, 1 Efficiency Committee installed, and one other agenda. You have 2 clicks remaining, 2 Accelerated Diagnostics in hand.

Use Jackson

4: Accelerated Diagnostics. Install Jackson Howard with Interns, then place 4 advancements on Efficiency Committee with 2x Shipment from SanSan.

Score Efficiency Committee

5-7: Use Efficiency Committee

Now you have 1 Jackson Howard installed, 1 other agenda installed, 4 clicks remaining, and 1 accelerated diagnostics in hand.

Use Jackson

8: Accelerated Diagnostics. Install the remaining agenda with Interns, Advance the 5 cost agenda twice with Shipment from SanSan, and recover 3x Shipment from Kaguya with Reclamation Order.

9-11: Shipment from Kaguya

Score both agendas." from RS14-2 on /r/netrunner

20 Apr 2014 Dydra

Now that's what I call a combo deck =) I guess it's really dependent on the number of Anarchs in your meta though.

I personally might get caught off-guard if I play first time against this on a tournament ( although I main Noise and hey , RNG bro lol), but if I had a game or two prior that, I'd definitely be mulligan for IMP and try to snipe as much as possible from R*D or HQ

23 Apr 2014 tampawolf

Strange question. But did you mean to post •3x Shipment from SanSan (Core Set) ••• •2x Shipment from MirrorMorph (Core Set) ? Seems like the numbers would want to be reversed?

23 Apr 2014 frontu

Great thoughts tampawolf! My reasoning behind putting in 3x Shipments from SanSan was because you need to have at least two in the discard to pull off the combo, but honestly it's not that hard to throw them back in after they've been drawn. So, it makes a lot of sense to change that.

23 Apr 2014 tampawolf

How do you plan on throwing them back in if drawn? I've run into that same problem when drawing Interns and having nothing to target with it to get it out of my hand.

23 Apr 2014 frontu

It's all about credit management. You want to hover around 11 credits at all times. If you have too many credits you won't be able to discard due to a large hand size. If I pull an interns, reclamation order, biotic labor, or a SanSan into my hand, I immediately start overdrawing so I get to discard cards. There are times when you have burst economy cards in hand that you shouldn't play so that you keep your hand limit to 10-12 cards.

24 Apr 2014 tampawolf

Hmm, that answer was obvious, dont know what I didn't think of it. Good strat. Love the deck.