Painted Kate

Skillet_135 1

Let me preface this deck by saying that I am very new to Netrunner. I started playing at the start of October 2014. This is my iteration of Heartthrob’s Killing Me Softly.

I have been playing this deck for a few weeks now and have made a ton of tweaks. I live in Minnesota and last night I went to Fantasy Flight's monthly tournament. This deck has been performing very well. I am about 9-2 so far with it. I swept my first two games last night and then got beat pretty badly by an RP deck.

The goal of this deck is to get Dagger and either Cloak or Silencer out by turn two. This will allow you to face check early and often. An early Nerve Agent or Indexing will force the corp to Ice up HQ and R&D early and leave their remotes unprotected. You are looking for one of three starting hands, they are: Dagger + Diesel, Cloak/Silencer with SMC or Test Run, or even SMC/Test Run with a Diesel.

The primary pieces of the rig are Dagger, Refractor, Cloak, Paintbrush, Nerve Agent, CyberSolutions Mem Chip, and Silencer. Corroder is a recent addition that rarely hits the table. You should be able to Paintbrush/Tinkering anything that isn't Sentry/CodeGate.

There are several pieces of this deck that I am still working on. I have played around with Datasuckers, Parasites, Replicator, RDI, Modded, and different economy. I would still be willing to let go of Infiltration and Corroder if anyone has better suggestions. Let me know if you have any advice!