Typecast Theory

Devencire 146


My Runner deck for the recent Reading (UK) 'jank' tournament. Playable, but not optimised for efficiency where humour would substitute.

Use Personal Workshop and Stimhack to quickly start building your rig that is so big it will blot out the sun. Preferably start facechecking ICE once you have Magnum Opus, Sadyojata, and a Panchatantra. Most scary ICE has two subtypes already, and the ICE (usually code gates) that don't are just cheating. Score points to turn on Brain Chip so that you have enough MU for your rig! Later in the game, transition into unveiling ICE with the 'safety' of Sadyojata/Panchatantra, then return it to HQ with Ankusa (with the aid of Paintbrush). Multithreader helps these otherwise inefficient rez/break trades work out in your favour.

Lose to Swordsman.

Compatible with this Netrunner subtypes sheet. Use for reference, or print it out, cut it up and put all the subtypes in a bag!

4 Dec 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Devencire You could add a Sharpshooter / Deus X to deal with the Swordsman Issue. Deus X would also help for the Jinteki Match ups.

4 Dec 2016 Devencire

@Pinkwarrior Agreed, those disposable subtype breakers fit Panchatantra very well. I didn't really consider them because they didn't fit my gag of only picking subtypes randomly from a bag. Plus, slots are tight in Chaos Theory when the dream rig is so big.

On that note, Gingerbread is a stronger choice of general breaker than Sadyojata, because it isn't an AI so can literally break anything, and you'll tend to need less Panchatantra uses (many barriers and code gates have one subtype only; many ICE with three subtypes have tracer anyway). Though Gingerbread cannot be awkwardly aided by Paintbrush!

Anyone wanting to have some slightly more competitive fun with Panchatantra is advised to cough up the influence for Gingerbread. Here's) a good example of a Gingerbread-based list from a few months back.

5 Dec 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Devencire Yeah I agree Gingerbread is stronger in general tho i do see some benefits to Sadyojata and I didn't want to suggest anything that messed with your inf I actually think it could be worth running both.