Rashest? Decisions (ATL Regional)

yeoda 945

5-0 for this event. Swiss: Geist, Quetzal, Val; Cut: Adam(PACER), MaxX

This is mostly based off Dyer's latest CTM deck that got 3rd at Euros. I added a Tollbooth and Archangel just to make runs more taxing. I also cut 1 Team Sponsorship for a Malia Z0L0K4 (Thanks Dweeks!). That card is great... My favorite plays online were finding 419 players and blanking their citadel sanctuary right after they hit their Rogue Trading. The dream catch is when anarch 1st turn click for 1 cred and install liberated, to which you help them start the game at $0.

Also Amani Senai... Who let this happen?

Not much to say about CTM. I don't feel particularly good with any corp atm... While CTM takes some very accurate plays from the runner, i feel like you can dismantle it with heavy discipline from the runner. I 100% believe Pacer would have won his game against me in cut if he didn't forget the tag. I probably should have just told him, because friends don't let friends forget about tags. But I just chose not to play on hard mode.

That being said, sometimes all you need is one slip up for this deck to just completely flip the game, which is an aspect I really love Netrunner for. Great deck and can easily spike up your Win% on Jinteki.net

Tell me all your best Malia Z0L0K4 hits!

17 Jun 2018 Whizkid

Glad you liked the tech. Good job bringing the win back to ATL!

17 Jun 2018 Nick!

Congrats on the win...I guess if I have to finish second, it couldn’t have been to a cooler guy and an awesome player. Tollbooth on R&D was MVP and 1x Malia is super rude, nice addition to the deck. Well played man!

21 Jun 2018 yeoda


Great job to you as well @Nick!. your Netrunner career this year has been an illustrious one. Glad we could go at it in the finals :)

26 Jun 2018 RvdH83

I played this a couple of times, but I switched the Tollbooth to another Archangel. Tollbooth is just too expensive in many cases.

Amani Senai is fantastic. Wish I had room for more.