gotta go fast - 5th at B-COM

cableCarnage 1096

I wanted to play booster cards at B-COM and Azef Protocol looked the most promising on corp side.

This is a fast advance outfit giving off titan vibes.


5-0 in swiss, 0-2 in top cut.

Won vs ReinaMorada's big maxx, mildesorte's mawshiko, MotionBlur's steve, wiserunner's zahya and 114141's steve in swiss.

Lost to mrteatime66 on a variant of my runner and extrac on Big Lad. Both games came down to hq bleeding agendas on single accesses.

Win on the accesses, lose on the accesses; this is the fast advance way.



  • Rashida Jaheem doesn't work so well when we don't really want to commit to a remote.
  • Bulwark is too expensive to rez here.


-3 Rashida, +2 W2W, + 1 Malapert, -1 Bulwark, +1 some cheaper ice

B-COM was amazing

Thanks to everyone who made it possible.