[TWA] Syncing Feeling - 13th and 17th Worlds 2016

DonutTaganes 2522

This was the deck that The Winning Agenda panellists Jesse, Wilfy and Hollis played at Worlds 2016.

We worked on the deck for a few weeks before Worlds, and it was adapted from the list that I (Jesse) played at Australian Nationals.

The general strategy of the deck is pretty well known by now, but there are a few aspects of it and a few cards that I particularly want to talk about.

  • Agendas

Quantum Predictive Model and Global Food Initiative both reduce the effectively scoreable points for the runner.

If they are not playing tag avoidance or instant speed tag removal (which most runners don't), then Data Raven on R&D and the remote makes QPM very hard for the runner to score.

I always score Breaking News as quickly as possible, not just for 24/7 News Cycle but also because it reduces the available points for the runner even further.

  • The meat damage plan

BOOM! made it so much easier to kill runners with 24/7 News Cycle. It's only a 2 card combo (with the appropriate agendas scored), and if they don't have meat damage protection, they just straight up lose. I won most of my games on day 1 with meat damage. Wilfy also won the majority of his games with meat damage.

It might seem strange to run Prisec with Boom, because you can't kill them with 1 tag, but that's not what it's all about. You can engineer situations where it's much more likely that the runner will pass the turn tagged using Prisec.

If you can land a tag and have it stay into your turn, you can Closed Accounts and Hard-Hitting News which will put the runner behind significantly. It opens them up to BOOM! and Exchange of Information, your two big win conditions.

This card... It wins you any games that BOOM! doesn't win you. It's so strong, and it makes the deck work.

Any questions? Shoot!

9 Nov 2016 whirrun

2 resistor 3 vanilla seems strange. Just for jamming BN / Astro?

10 Nov 2016 DonutTaganes

@whirrun Yeah, in line with what I wrote in the "Agendas" section above, you want to try and get your scorable agendas into your score area (i.e. those other than GFI) as quickly as possible. If your opponent is only stealing GFIs, that's really good for you as that gives you the maximum opportunity to Exchange of Information. Scoring Astro or Beale behind a Vanilla early can be really important.

Paying 0 for so many of your ice really helps the deck to function in the early game when it's most vulnerable, and helps to keep the HHN threat alive as long as possible.