Umbrella Toolbox (3-0 - 2nd @ 2024H1 Circuit Opener)

Encoded != Encrypted 107

The basic game plan is to use your tools to keep remotes pressured until you can start hitting R&D repeatedly with Conduit and Umbrella, using Kyuban to make the runs credit neutral. With Pichação, it's possible to get 7 runs in a single turn, which is usually enough to win once the condition can be established.

Using Umbrella and Egret, you can break almost any ICE in the game for 2 credits and draw a card. If you've got Conduit with enough counters, the Corp may decline, and if not, use Cupellation to access the cards they drew. K2CP Turbine is there in case you encounter Bran 1.0 or Boto later in the game, but higher strength sentries and code gates can usually be handled with Physarum Entangler instead. I usually only install it against HB and otherwise wait to see if it's needed - it doesn't get installed in most games. If anything gets out of hand like a Logjam or a Pharos, use Hush to bring it back down to reasonable levels.

The single copy of Coalescence provides flexibility when you need money. You can grab it with Simulchip for instant cash.

The deck could use more money - if I don't get an early Environmental Testing money can get tight, but if I do, having most runs credit neutral will help sustain it. I am debating swapping Diesel for Spec Work to do something with Muse and Coalescence besides waiting to be sacrificed to a Simulchip, but that probably isn't enough.