Chairface [Cache Refresh]

PureFlight 1059

This was the corp deck I piloted in the 2nd Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament, a.k.a. SOCR2. It went 3-2 over 5 rounds.

You can see me play against @terrificy's Kit and @mbzrl's Iain on my channel.


The games I lost were the ones where all my economy assets were trashed, thereby leaving me broke. AR-Enhanced Security was therefore immensely helpful when scored.

It was very easy to get flooded, so Special Report was a lifesaver. Definitely the #1 Jackson replacement post-rotation for me.

Estelle Moon is great, but I mulliganed for her all 5 games and saw her in my opening hand once. That's statistically unlikely. She's really strong to have early because her burst econ fuels directly into HHN.

Net Analytics is neat and helps rush out after a HHN, but it's no DBS. I thought it would come into play as people trashed my assets, but there's not really anything must-trash here besides SanSan or Long-Term Investment.

Speaking of, Long-Term Investment is pretty neat in CtM. They have to trash it, so it lets your ID do work. Or they don't trash it, and then you get 8-10 credits to pump into a HHN.

So yeah, I had fun trying out the Red Sands cards. I don't think it's amazing, and I see why CtM's tags aren't preventable; it's not an amazing ID without must-trash things like political assets.