Mwekundu Forever! (1st @ Slovak Nationals; 6-1 overall)

Odol 936

This is my masterpiece of an Mti glacier deck that helped me win my first official Netrunner tournament.

I feel that Mti Mwekundu is the strongest ID for a glacier deck at this moment. Apart from the obvious click- and credit-efficiency of installing ice during the Runner’s turns, it effectively helps you conceal a dramatic situation where you draw into no ice after a mulligan. In a tournament environment where you often cannot afford even a single bad-luck loss, that effect proves extremely useful.

Mti also lets you play a number of insane turn 1 scenarios that would otherwise leave at least one of your central servers vulnerable, including Celebrity Gift into a Scarcity of Resources or my trademark Hegde Fund into Install-Advance an CST.

Speaking of CSTs, I strongly believe that scoring an agenda should always be tempo-positive, either granting you economy (SSL, CST) or providing tools to close the game (Nisei MK II). This particular agenda suite complements the economy of this deck to the point where playing its insanely expensive (and sublimely elegant) ice suite was suddenly a viable option.

Each ice type has one specimen that taxes the Runner and one that actually stops them. The high number of ice means that at most times you can fortify a particular server with an ice that you need, and not just the one that happens to be in your hand.

It is worth noting that each ice comes with a face-check penalty, which not only dissuades the Runner from taking risks, but also prevents them from bouncing off our ice to build up their Turning Wheels.

Marcus Batty is there mostly to protect your scoring remote (firing either ETR ice or the Excalibur), but can also save your central servers by firing the first subroutines of Anansi or Gatekeeper when you place him on R&D or HQ respectively.

Overall, I believe this to be the best deck I ever played and would like to thank all my opponents from the Slovak National championship for the amazing games I had with it. Rock on guys, and see you around!

25 Nov 2018 Longi

Hey Piotr, congrats on the titul once more. You deserved it fully for you performance during the day was admirable.

26 Nov 2018 Radiant

Seeing this many 3-ofs makes me so happy