Haarpsichord Doomsday 2.3- Public Sympathy Shield 1st place

Isvan 682

Okay, so somehow this pile of junk went undefeated at the Stockport Public Sympathy Shield this weekend (21-man tournament, five rounds). The basic plan is:

Jackson + Diagnostics + Shutdown into scored Hades Fragment, pass turn.

You have a full archives but if the Runner goes in they give you money, take tags, and you can score out with the help of Hades for the win.

You can win out of hand (without a preinstalled Jackson), ending up with two Jacksons exiled. First Diagnostics is Interns (JHow), Reclamation Order (Diagnostics) and Biotic. Second Diagnostics is Interns (Hades), Shipment x2. Use your last click for the fifth advancement.

If you remove three Jacksons you can get an extra operation use, which can get you around The Source with or Clot with Cyberdex.

Usual win conditions after combo-ing are scoring Astro next turn (if the runner doesn't run) followed by Beale or Explode-a-Palooza. If they do run, you can Midseason + Psychographics out a Beale (or just Psycho if they don't clear tags).


Noise- waited for him to not have Clone Chip / Peddler, then went for it, he didn't run and Astro'd him to death.

R2- I honestly don't remember what ID my opponent was playing here (maybe Kate?) but he didn't play any of the ~5 cards which actually interact with me and didn't steal Hades Fragment, so I went off and won in short order. Not much to say here.

CT- her only installed card turn 3 was SMC, so Shutdown got it to prevent Clot from wrecking my day.

MaxX- played Hacktivist Meeting, but he was being really careful to avoid getting Midseasoned so I scored a naked Beale to kill it, then combo'd

Stirling: Needed to bait him into running to enable Shutdown, so I installed a naked Beale (win/win). He took it, could maybe have won if he'd run on Archives straight away and used Critic to remove all my copies of Beale, but he didn't so I scored Astro and chained.

23 Aug 2015 thesm17

I wish I had come up with this.

23 Aug 2015 whirrun

Can I just check how you actually win once you've shutdown. What's the first thing you get back? How many turns does it take? Is there anything you already want in hand?

I assume you take back jackson first, and then diagnostics second to go for another combo score? I definitely love the concept, and how Haarpsichord makes this sort of deck possible.

23 Aug 2015 Isvan

@whirrun yes. Usually the second day combo is for Astrolabe, allowing you to Astrotrain for a Beale and win next turn. If the runner hit Archives, you can instead Psycho Beale to win.

Also the deck is 48 cards because I can't deckbuilding.

23 Aug 2015 whirrun

Just add an anonymous tip?

23 Aug 2015 Alakallanar


I still don't understand how you are consistently quick enough to win after the Hades score. Assuming the runner on average managed to score 2 points before the combo. (Not unreasonable in my opinion.) He sees that you haven't got anything to kill him either by noticing the spend influence during your combo or on his first run on archives. So he should run archives every turn to score a 2-pointer. That would leave you two turns (and two cards) total to score another 4 points. 3 points is easy with Diagnostics + final Jackson, but I don't see a way to score 4 points that quickly. (Unless he is too poor to remove at least 2 tags after each archive run. So he needs 8 credits + whatever it costs to run archives, which shouldn't be too much and has 1 click each turn to spare.)

23 Aug 2015 Alakallanar

Ok because of Closed Accounts he has to remove all tags at least on his first archives run.

23 Aug 2015 Alakallanar

Ignore my blabbering, you'll already have a Accelerated Diagnostics in hand from your Hades score turn, since you used Reclamation Order...

24 Aug 2015 jawe

Sorry, but i don't understand how this combo works. Can someone please explain. Thanks

24 Aug 2015 Isvan

@jawe You have three clicks. Installed Jackson (or in hand), Accelerated Diagnostics and Power Shutdown in hand.

  1. Power Shutdown your whole deck.
  2. Jackson three cards back into it.
  3. Play Accelerated Diagnostics to play those three cards for free.

Usual operation combinations to play are:

  • Interns + Shipment From SanSan + Shipment From SanSan- score a Hades Fragment from hand if you have a spare click (if you had Jackson pre-installed).
  • Reclamation Order + Biotic Labor + Interns - install another Jackson, get back two more copies of Diagnostics, and gain the clicks to play them. This is how you score Hades if you didn't have a Jackson already installed.
  • With the second combo, you now have two Diagnostics in hand, meaning you can use them for firstly Interns, Interns, Shipment (for Jackson and Hades) then use Jackson again and the last click / Diagnostics for Interns, Shipment, Shipment to score Hades, using the Interns to install a Cyberdex. This also puts six advancement counters on Hades Fragment meaning you can also use it to play around The Source or Chakana.

@whirrun Yeah, I think the last card is either Tip (for faster combo-ing), Old Hollywood Grid (to make you more secure afterwards) or another piece of ice.

@Alakallanar Astroscript* apparently my autocorrect wants me to play Shaper. The other thing to remember if that there may be a correct line of play for the Runner that wins them the game after you Shutdown, but the deck is unexpected enough that a lot of the time they don't know what to do. The instinct is not to run on Archives in fear of Midseason or whatever. It's difficult to judge how many tags they should clear, whether to worry about Closed accounts, and so on. The other thing to consider is that the 'optimal' solution involving hitting Archives each turn then clearing either one or three tags, only works if the Runner has enough money to avoid me combo-ing next turn for Midseason + Interns + Psychographics to score a Beale for the remaining four points.

24 Aug 2015 Dydra

" Play Accelerated Diagnostics to play those three cards for free. "

That is so very not true. AD makes you pay the play cost.

Also I'd be very careful, because Film Critic can score 4 points from your archives in 1 turn. Which makes your " Return 1 card per turn with Hades" plan not that safe.

24 Aug 2015 Isvan

@Dydra You get to ignore the additional costs, however, and basically the only operations which cost more than one credit are Biotic and Midseasons. Film Critic is less of a problem than it looks, because if they want those 4 points you can just trash Film Critic since they have tags. Alternatively if they're not super rich, you can Psychographics to just win off of Beale via Midseasons. A single Film Critic isn't that much of a proble, (you're still faster than the Runner is), it's only if they have Film Critic and another card that slows you down (Hades Shard, Clot, Fall Guy, etc) that things start getting risky.

24 Aug 2015 nicohasa

The last card could be a 1-off Subliminal Messaging. This is a cheaper way to get a click with Accelerated Diagnostics, for combos where you need 4 clicks, but not 5. As an example, if you have an installed Jackson Howard, but the runner has a Clot, I think you need 4 clicks to score out the Hades Fragment. So you'd want to play a subliminal instead of a Biotic, for a net save of 5 credits.

24 Aug 2015 gandrasch

What about Noise? Don't you lose the game if he just plays 1 virus?

24 Aug 2015 nicohasa

@gandrasch Only if he plays it while you're comboing. The corp loses if they are ever forced to draw cards while R&D is empty, but does not lose if forced to trash a card from R&D when it's empty.

You do lose the game from Eden Shard though.

24 Aug 2015 Dothanite

@gandrasch that was a good question so I had to look it up in the rules. It says in the core rulebook that the alternate win condition for the runner is "If R&D contains no cards and the Corporation attempts to draw a card, the Runner immediately wins the game."
Noise doesn't make the corp draw a card, he just makes them trash the top card of R&D. If there isn't anything to trash, then nothing happens.

I like this wombo combo and I think I'm going to build my own doomsday deck. I fell like there are plenty of options to combo out with, especially with the ability to recur Accelerated Diagnostics for your Jackson plays.

24 Aug 2015 Isvan

You lose to Eden Shard, Laramy Fisk and Fisk Investment Seminar. You can't combo if Noise has an installed Clone Chip or Street Peddler (or SMC / Savoir-Faire I guess), but you can always just wait for him to use it (or maybe Power Shutdown a clone chip if you're lucky).

24 Aug 2015 bcavalier

Congratulations on finding a new combo!

Also, Congratulations on finding a new reason for me to run Turntable!

24 Aug 2015 Diegofsv

This is the best deck I ever saw. Awesome work.

24 Aug 2015 juliandark

How do you make runners careful about midseasons before firing the combo? Where do you get the money for it? You have no drip economy, no other assets they need to trash, no surprise melange, and only hedge fund and sweeps week.

24 Aug 2015 shanodin

I was at this tourney but didn't play against this deck. It caught everyone off guard. Probably won't work so well if you play anyone there again ;)

24 Aug 2015 Isvan

@juliandark you don't have anything you need to actually spend money on, though. Just drawing furiously and ditching piles of stuff into archives can make a runner pretty wary of Explode-a-palooza and other related stuff. The deck is obviously pretty awkward against aggressive Criminals, but a lot of decks at the moment are doing dorky stuff with Professional Contacts, or Data Folding, or London Library or Stealth or setting up Wyldside and so on. It only takes a small amount of caution ('I shouldn't run last click, he might be a butchershop variant or something') and you can be free to combo off on turn four.

24 Aug 2015 Diegofsv

@juliandark a single run at archives net you 15 credits from Explode-a-palooza

24 Aug 2015 wedgeex

Ah... I can't wait until Employee Strike

Awesome deck!

24 Aug 2015 Koshea

News Team is going to make this deck rock!

24 Aug 2015 Dothanite

If they stole an agenda the turn before, can't you:

  1. install Jackson.
  2. Power Shutdown. Use Jackson for Interns(Project Beale), Midseason, and Psychographics
  3. Accelerated Diagnostics and win seven points in one turn?

This would take a minimum of 24 credits, but I haven't had a problem with getting that much as I'm waiting for the combo anyway. I have made a few small changes to this deck to make it a hybrid of your Doomsday and Yellow Flash. Having fun with it so far.

27 Aug 2015 Arkhon

This is a pretty fun deck. I really like the ingenuity, but in addition to being disrupted by Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, who is the prevalent runner ID right now, it will also die to Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor and Fisk Investment Seminar in the next pack, so I feel that this deck's time may be limited. As noted by others, Film Critic puts you on a clock as well as it enables the runner to make multiple scores in a turn. What happens if they happen to steal the Hades Fragment with an early access? Does the deck have sufficient tricks and protection to score out without the Power Shutdown combo?

27 Aug 2015 Isvan

@Arkhon Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor: You lose.
Fisk Investment Seminar: You lose.

Film Critic: Can play around it, it isn't as bad as it looks. Double Film Critic is pretty bad though.

Losing Hades Fragment is bad, but if you can get two points scored behind some random ETR or through Biotic, the remaining five points can be scored in a turn via Project Beale.

Without Power Shutdown you can try and astrotrain anyway but it's really awkward, you're missing half the tools and you only have one AstroScript. You probably just lose.

28 Aug 2015 federicolatini

Whole netrunner night playing this deck against players aware of it, I was repeadetly crushed by Valencia, noise, leela. I'm probably playing it poorly...

29 Aug 2015 rojazu

This deck just took down a store championship in tokyo, undefeated in 4 rounds of swiss

29 Aug 2015 payprplayn

What's the issue with noise? Are you concerned about him disrupting your combo after you pop a Jackson? He can't mill you once you've got Hades Shard because there's no paid ability window between the shard trigger and your mandatory draw.

30 Aug 2015 just_rob

I won a summer kit with this deck going 4-0 as corp. It is a powerhouse, no doubt about it. Congrats to the designer.

30 Aug 2015 Isvan

The problem with Noise is that if you Jackson, he can clone chip / Peddler a virus to mill one of the cards you shuffled in before you can Diagnostics. This means your combo is very likely to fizzle halfway through.

31 Aug 2015 grubbslinger

How does this interact with Employee Strike ? Since the current is removed when an agenda is scored, I assume that as soon as they score one agenda from Archives, the current is removed and they therefore can not score another agenda but I could also see it being the other way since you access all the cards in Archives at once allowing you to score them at the same time.

31 Aug 2015 Jonny

@grubbslinger - Employee Strike doesn't go away when the runner steals an agenda, only when the corp scores ones. It does of course wreck the deck :)

31 Aug 2015 grubbslinger

@cat0234 Oh duh, words are important. Thanks for pointing that out, I'm being dumb.

4 Sep 2015 juliandark

It was asked many times here, but still no answer, but how exactly are you winning AFTER you score Hades? How do you score the astro? Draw the last jackson and PD again? For what? Biotic, Interns and Shipment? What if they steal the astro/hades before you combo? This deck seems to have many holes which are filled mainly by the fact that people expect butcher shop and don't know what to do.

4 Sep 2015 Isvan

@juliandark depends on your opponent's actions.

Runner did not run straight away:
Diagnostics combo for AstroScript (Interns, Shipment, whatever), using your last click to advance the third time. You can use the third operation for whatever utility you feel you need.

Runner ran and did not clear tags:
Diagnostics combo for Beale (Interns, Psychographics, Psychographics). Use your last click to advance for the 7th counter on Beale and win.

Runner ran and cleared tags:
They're unlikely to have enough money to not get traces. Diagnostics for Midseasons + Interns + Psychographics and score out with Beale. If you don't have enough money, just score out normally. If you do the same combo as 1) but with Beale, you can use the last operation for Reclamation order to get back Biotic or Beale, meaning you can score out another Beale to win next turn.

Astro isn't that important to the combo. You can still score out with Beales and Explode-a-Palooza. Astro is just the easiest route to victory if the runner doesn't run (but if they do that, you probably win no matter what you score, Astro is just fastest / cheapest). If you lose Hades your best bet is to try and bluff out an Astroscript / Beale for two points, then do a full combo for a 5-point Project Beale.

29 Sep 2015 lopert

Late to the party on this one, but this looks awesome! Question: If you have to go the 2nd route for the initial combo (meaning your Jackson was in hand when you started), don't you burn all 3 jacksons?

Jackson #1: Reclamation Order + Biotic Labor + Interns (Jackson #2)

Jackson #2: Interns, Interns, Shipment (for Jackson #3 and Hades)

Jackson #3: Interns (CVS), Shipment, Shipment. Score Hades.

So now you have a scored Hades, but that only gets you 1 card a turn right? In your comment before this one, you mention that you can Diag combo for Astro or Beale or Mids, but you have no more Jacksons so this isn't doable.

So my question is how do prioritise taking cards out of archives when diag is not an option? I would assume the first hades is always to scoop a beale out of archives, and the second hades would be psycho to hope to win on that turn.

Assuming the runner has 2 points before the combo, on turn 0 (before the first hades card) he'll run archives, take 2 points (go to 4), and clear 3 tags. If you grab and play midseason, you still need 2 turns (where first, the runner will go in and grab a beale to go to 6, winning next turn) to grab the beale and then the psycho (and then hopefully be able to deal with clot).

Side thoughts:

  • What's the tech startup for? A low risk way of getting Jackson on the board I assume? Have you found it worth it? In my testing with other Haarp decks, runners are just running everything (because they are all Noise using imps to get rid of excess agendas).

  • Does News Team from D&D fit well into this? What would you cut for it?

29 Sep 2015 Isvan

If everything is in hand, you can score Hades with only two Jacksons.

Jackson #1 : Reclamation Order (Diagnostics), Interns (Jackson), Biotic Labor

Jackson #2: Interns (Hades), Shipment from SanSan, Shipment from SanSan

You have one extra click left from Biotic which you can use to advance Hades the last time and score. You only need the third Jackson if the Runner has Clot.

Tech Startup is a low risk way of getting Jackson on board, yeah. I found it pretty good, but I haven't played this deck since Universe of Tomorrow came out, so most of my opponents were unaware of how to play against it correctly.

News Team is great yeah. The easiest things to cut are Tech Startup, Closed Accounts, and/or some ICE. I'd be very careful about playing this deck at the moment, though, because if anyone has Laramy Fisk or Fisk Investment Seminar, you're screwed and there's absolutely no way around it.

25 Jul 2016 rex_monolith

I'm very late to the discussion on this one (and relatively new to the game) but this is the most brilliantly bonkers deck I've seen.

To my way of thinking there is also another play that can be made as long as you have a JH/PS/AD in hand and the cash (even better if tech start-up or JH is in play).

1) Install JH1

2) PS your whole deck (cumulative spend 1) and use JH1 to load R&D with Biotic Labour (BL), Interns1 & Reclamation order (RO)

3) Play AD1 a) BL (cum spend 6, clicks -> 5), b) Int1 (install JH2), c) RO (to get AD2 & AD3 in hand). Use JH2 to load R&D with BL, Int1 & Int2

4) Play AD2 a) BL (cum spend 11, clicks -> 7), b) Int1 (install JH3), c) Int2 (install Astro). Use JH3 to load BL, Int1 & RO.

5) Play AD3 a) BL (cum spend 16, clicks -> 9), b) Int1 (install Hades), c) RO (to get 3x Shipment from Sans Sans)

6) Advance Astro (cum spend 17)

7) Sans Sans Astro and score it, advance Hades 1 from Astro

8) Sans Sans Hades

9) Sans Sans Hades & score it

So one move 5 agenda points ! Once the runner gets over their "WTF just happened" moment what can they do ? If they run on archives

  • you get 15 credits from the explode a polooza

  • they take 3 tags (TGTBT)

  • if you have 3 News Team in they then get 6 more tags or -3 agenda points

OK they knick a Beal but they end up with -1 Agenda point and 3 tags or 2 agenda points and 9 tags, either way they're ripe to be plucked by Pyscho/Beal.

If they don't run then you should still have plenty of room to squeeze 2 points out with BL/Beale.