Faust's Shadow 2.0 (Cardiff GNK 1st place)

Dr_Madhatter 475

An updated version of my HB deck to include 2x Global Food Initiative. So out goes the Tollbooth and in goes an Ichi 1.0 to make room for the influence cost.

As an alternative to the HB decks which include Caprice, it's interesting.

I feel like theres plenty of wiggle room here for personal preference. Especially after seeing the types of HB decks that did well at worlds recently. I feel comfortable with this deck though. Maybe i'd drop an Eli 1.0 for a third Architect.

21 Nov 2015 sruman

Solid looking deck. Personally, I would add an Ichi 1.0 in for an Eli, although Eli's tough to give up, especially given that the deck can actually tax Lady.