Rude Girl with Rude Reporter (35th Worlds)

leburgan 140

35th at worlds. Writeup at stimhack here. Thanks SF rudeboys for the deck.

6 Nov 2016 JuneCuervo

Looks solid! I was thinking of playing this again after Gencon - the final list I worked on had

-3 Sure Gamble +1 Atman +1 Film Critic +1 Escher

Awesome showing!

Best, -Joseki

7 Nov 2016 leburgan

I think the sure gambles are super important early game since they let you fire quality time and not go broke, the film critic and the escher do seem appealing, and the atman would help with the mother goddess problem the deck has. But in the end I think the early game set up is too important to cut the gambles.