Terminal Directive Starter Ayla

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Replacement for the starter decks recommended in the rulebook. 1 Core set and 1 Terminal Directive used. REPLACE OFFICER FRANKS WITH MANDATORY TD RESOURCES.

This is intended as a slower big rig shaper deck. You want to get your Magnum Opus out early and start building. The goal is to get your full breaker suite out and enough money to always be able to get into their remote. Then you throw down the medium and start digging their R&D. Dean Lister and Stimhack are useful tools to break into their remote. Laguna Velasco and Ubax helps you draw deeper without spending extra clicks.

Don't be afraid to let the corp have an agenda or two to gain time setting up your rig. Once you get fully setup you're in a very strong position and it will be difficult for the corp to win.

Against Skorpios hold onto your second copy of breakers and try to get sac con in play. Also be aware of scorched so make sure you have a money advantage or both Biometric Spoofings out before you run in the mid-late game.

Against Seidr just build your rig and get to a board state where you can lock R&D. They'll have Biotic labor to close the game so once they get to 5 points you need to keep hitting R&D to win before they draw into that combo.

Cards to target in NVRAM: Mopus, Laguna Velasco, breakers, or Medium.

18 Jun 2017 Atum


sorry for noob question- what is your replacement suggestion for Officer Franks please?

Thanks in advance!

18 Jun 2017 013

For the Terminal Directive campaign there are three resources that are mandatory to include, so you'd replace them with those cards. Outside of that, I'd have to look a bit more closely but more economy, or perhaps spear phishing, might be the way to go.

18 Jun 2017 Atum

Ah got it- thanks!

And your choice of Icebreakers is better than the new Icebreaker cards in TD, like Savant and Adept? Just really new to this game and wanted to start the campaign (got only 1 core set and TD), trying to figuring out what's the best combo for a starter deck.

19 Jun 2017 013

You could certainly go with Savant or Adept, for sure. The downside is that with one of those you really want to find your Dhegdheers before you find your breakers, which is difficult to do consistently and quickly. That's the main reason I went with this instead--you have really good breakers here with more consistency.

Even in the competitive scene Corroder is the 2nd best barrier breaker in the game, Gordian Blade is the best all-around code gate breaker, and Femme/Mimic are still played. So this is quite a good breaker suite without going for Adept or Savant. The main problem you might have is running repeatedly into sentries with a strength greater than 3. If that's the case, make sure you Femme one of them, and maybe consider a 3rd dean lister.

But, if you really want to go with Savant or Adept (I think Adept is the best), go for it! If you did, I'd make sure to put in a 3rd Dhegdheer, a 3rd Dean Lister, and probably a 3rd Laguna Velasco to help speed up your set-up time. Of course, make sure you keep it at 45 cards total for the best results. Play around with it and find something you like! These decks are designed not only as suggestions, but as references for the kinds of things you need to be thinking about when you construct decks.