Overkill (19th American Continentals 5-1)

rngnsb 139

Out of frustration, I jammed all the nasty into one nasty ID. It sat unplayed while I tried to make more graceful lists work for me. After losing every corp match the night before decklists were due, I said, “I’ll just play that ridiculous overkill deck, and at least make runners annoyed, even if I still lose.”. So, I last minute swapped Tollbooth for a Snare!, and submitted my list.

The number of ways to scare the runner from running, scare the runner from stealing agendas, punish the runner for running, punish the runner for stealing agendas, and just win, are numerous. It is a tough list to beat, and mistakes against it are very unforgiving.

Match 1: Loss Freedom stole the right points at the right time. Narrowly escaping death. Figured I was in for a rough day.

Match 2: Win Hoshiko got sloppy and died to a single Punitive, with the credits and cards available to die to double Punitive, anyway.

Match 3: Win Leela played it safe for a while. I kept their money down, they got desparate and bet on me not having the double. Punitive/Archived/Punitive for the win.

Match 4: Win Got a bit grindy. Leela forced me to eat 5 bad pub. But, firing Reversed, Economics, and Snare!, it ended up as runner’s choice of letting me score, or taking the kill they knew I had. A couple border control over hq at various times kept embezzles from knocking out my kill.

Match 5: Win (Actually a 2 for 1 loss with my Geist) I was paired with my meta-mate (eldermason). We went 2 for 1 and I had to play his RP. His Leela died immediately in our “just for fun” game afterwards.

Match 6: Win – 2 for 1 Wu. On stream, New Andes, I believe. I keep a hand of 2x TBTF, 2xPunitive, 1xHPT. I mandatory an SSL. IAA. 3 minutes of the runner thinking about how much they valued their life. They bet on me not having it. Dead turn 2.

Missed the cut on SoS. Still had a blast!