Zookeeper Val (6-0 Louisville SC)

Janktivist 697

Turtles, hippos, and foxen oh my! This deck helped me win the Louisville SC and didn't drop a game all day. (Fwiw, I ID'd with a couple opponents, but we played out the games, and I am counting those.) Matches against two Mti, two Outfit, one Spark, and one RP.

Jury is still out on Climactic Showdown. I like the design, and it has its uses at times, but I don't know how consistently helpful it is. Maybe I cut the CS, add in a third TTW (since I am losing a multiaccess card), and then cut a Turtle for a third Stimhack.

Stimhack it turns out is a pretty good card. Nine creds for hurting myself is fine with me. I already regularly take Anansis to the face (unless they're on RnD), so why not.