EigenHarpoon - The Other Bristol Blue Sun

Algebraic 885

Edit (29/04/19): This deck took me to 2nd at Taunton SC going 4-1 beating Leela, Smoke, 2 Stabby MaxXs before losing to the same Stabby MaxX in the final. Hoping this MaxX won't be issue after the new MWL later today but this deck does put a good fight against it. Seeing Punitives early really help and you can often score a SDS Drone Deployment to slow down their setup. The difficulty comes with knowing when to sacrifice big ICE to a Hippo or Knifed. You just have to accept the credit loss and I was probably to slow to Rez in too many cases.

This is the Blue Sun deck I took to the same Bristol SC as Chris Dyer so I was at least happy that I had come to some of the same conclusions as the former World champion. Daily Quest and Reduced Service seem tailor-made for Blue Sun but I decided to go for the Punitive Counterstrike builds that I like so much with the Masenqo Azmari builds. SDS Drone Deployment plays a very similar role in the deck to Degree Mill and it's not uncommon to escape early flood by scoring that and SSL Endorsement naked. It also forces the Runner to steal agendas earlier than they often want as giving you, the Corp, the option of trashing any program is too much opening up Punitive kills again.

Divested Trust has been even more useful than I imagined in such a build. It's a 7th point like Echo Chamber that you don't mind scoring early. It's worth noting that agendas stolen and then taken back with Divested Trust still count towards a Punitive kill. This is great as it gives you a third chance to land the kill rather than just tossing them to archives when the Runner hits 6 points. I have beaten an Adam player after they scored 12 out of 20 AP in the deck!

The deck definitely suffers to Employee Strike but you often have enough game despite the lack of economy. Building Blocks can still offer good value even without the bounce. 3 Death and Taxes would be preferable but dropping 1 for a Consulting Visit gives a little bit more flexibility and probably worth the trade. I was hoping that Employee Strike would be a little less common in the new Downfall meta but just be warned that a blow-out is possible if you can't clear the current as happened during the Store Championship.

There is still plenty of space for edits in this deck. Thimblerig was my attempt at being clever with a spare influence to play with. Move the expensive ICE to swallow services so you can bounce it without having to pay a large reinstall cost. This may be too clever but did work out nicely a few times.

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