Very elegant to include this into a Maw and/or Alice deck, as some corps will try to empty their hand on their turn. This card alone will put excessive pressure on the corp's R&D forcing considerable amounts of ICE to be spent and rezzed.

This agenda is oppressive.

If it is scored quite soon in the game, the runner immediately looses the ability to keep the assets of the corp in check. I mean, which runner card gives 1 extra click and 2 extra creds per turn?

And the ability of the agenda stacks, so it becomes an impossible situation where the runner can't touch the corps assets...

Well, you are still able to remove tags for cheap with Misdirection and Citadel Sanctuary. —
This agenda is crazy broken. Should be a 4/1, or better yet, just not exist. —

This card has probably never received a lot of love but let me tell you the power of the Power Nap is so real. I mean doctors recommend this card on a daily basis. It is a crazy economy card when you build your deck around it.

Obviously, you enter power mode when you start hitting 10 creds for a nap. Anything less than that is just a regular nap and those are for.... well there not for any self respecting runner. In! Out! How do they do it? Drugs, a whole lot of drugs. That little angel in the picture isn't dreaming of butterflies. That's permanent brain damage after year of power napping.

So come on over to this deck and take a nap.

Did you just use a review to advertise your own deck? Lol. —
Yes of course^^ But also the only review for this card was dull and playing this card in MaxX is so much fun. —

Get Anson up and running. Wait. Use some Trick of Light on your agendas and you are all set. And if you think he will get trashed, hide him behind advancable ice so you can transfer all his counters onto the ice and still play your Trick of Light.

As a single cost to rez, this is great. Need to go faster, Mushin No Shin him out.

Do you like travelling and/or suchi? Let Anson take you on a trip to NeoTokyo Grid. He pays for himself turn 1, then it's all gravy. Really thick, slow gravy but still gravy.

How about those stupid advancable ice, like Lycan? Never heard of it? Well get ready to doge both a Code Gate and a Sentry when you run. Or dream of a ridiculous Searchlight? All the craptastic combos you ever wanted are there for the taking... Shadow? Salvage? Mausolus? YES PLEASE. Swarm? OMG YES.

Not enough money? Maybe you can get some Commercialization going after rezzing those stupid combos above?

Anson getting lippy after the Tokyo trip? Tired of him drunk texting you at 2 in the morning "babi o iz gop n advancement in my pannts fr u"? Have him whacked in some shady parking lot by your Back Channels.

And if you really want to be a dick about it, before whacking the poor Anson, throw him a party to keep his guard down. I hear he likes Dedication Ceremonies

Anson is the man? Sure... Fuck the man.

It's true that Anson is one of the few cards that actually makes NeoTokyo Grid seem almost playable. But seriously, if you're in weyland, you might as well just use Expo Grid, and save yourself some influence. (And use a more versatile card in general.) —
Totally agree, Expo Grid is the way to go in Weyland. —