OK, now everyone is talking about this card in relation to the weapons suite, or breaking and entering suite - whatever the hell you want to call them - These three cards.

A lot of people seem to be convinced that this is the combo to make all combos. And sure, it's a thing. But it's not a big thing. The trick with the weapons is to just have such a critical mass that you have the strength anyway - then be able to bust through when the time is ripe. This card is just a deck slot you don't need to use. You might as well slot in either more money, more ways to get your weapons out, or more tutors / recursion. It's only 3 influence for a full set - but how often are you going to see all three - and you're only going to be installing & using a weapon breaker on the same turn pretty rarely. Sure that might be crucial, but often you can achieve the same thing with a well placed Inside Job / Emergency Shutdown / whatever other tech tools you have in Criminal.

In summary, I'm not convinced it's worth both 3 deck slots (which are mega tight already because of the weapon breakers) and 3 influence.

I feel like Chameleon is a far better combo with LLDS. The whole Hayley / London Library / Autoscripter idea seems like an 'I get anywhere I please' idea. At least that's in faction.

I have to agree - I'm not convinced LLDS is the way to go the the Crim Cloude suite (though I'm happy to be proven wrong! Maybe something with Savoir-Faire?). I'm planning to test with Geist, Crim-clouds (and some backup breakers) and cards like Crescentus/Parasite/Siphon to keep repeated breaking to a minimum. LLDS seems like a much better combo with Chameleon. —
this is AWFUL with the Breaking and Entering suite. With Chameleon its great, but god damn awful in with those new clouds. —
@TonyStellato Why? Chameleon seems like a better application, yes, but "AWFUL" seems a tad extreme. —

Echoing what Zetan said, the main purpose as I see it is to see a whole new batch of cards. It's just like accessing off the top really - except the cards are generally little more stagnate until a shuffle.

The main problem here is the 3 influence cost. This makes it prohibitive to add to any deck that isn't Anarch. Not impossible of course, but a painful inclusion. 3 Influence gets you a Gordian Blade, Security Testing, 3 copies of Cache, 3 copies of Quality Time, and a whole bunch of other things. It's also a Medium, a Mimic and Corroder, an Imp - or a whole slew of things that you probably want more. And considering it's an event, and not an triggerable hardware (see Record Reconstructor inter alia) it's not going to see as many uses.