Out of Spark, if you were to install and rez one of these, then the runner immediately ran and trashed it, you’d have spent 1 to gain 1 and cost the runner 1 and 4. A 5 swing for a click isn’t too shabby, though I’m not sure it’s quite strong enough to make the cut. Slots be tight, as they say.

A comment on both of your reviews: I like tiered subscription in Spark because it's free, and it's not an ice. Spark really wants to be rezzing a *lot* of ads fast, and those two attributes are the ones ads need to have in order for that to happen. My Spark doesn't run any ad ice, because the runner has too much control over when you can rez them, and that means their additional synergy with your ID fails to outweigh the fact that Slot Machine is just better. —

The obvious comparison for this is Pop-up Window.

The differences are:
• Nets you 3c instead of 1c (if the runner doesn’t beak it)
• The runner also nets 1c is they let the sub fire
• Doesn’t tax the runner if they’re willing to let you gain creds
• 3str instead of 0
• 1c to rez instead of 0
• 2 inf instead of 1
• No conditional ETR

They’re both cheap, mildly annoying NBN Code Gates. Being Advertisements, they both gain extra value out of Spark. So which to include?

So far I’ve yet to see it take over Pop-up as the de facto cheap/annoying NBN ICE. I think they’re pretty evenly matched power-wise but I think the fact that it gifts the runner creds and doesn’t tax if they let it fire are keeping it from seeing play. Out of Spark, it might be worth including a couple of both, but otherwise I think Pop-up still wins out.

Regardless, it’s a well designed Nisei card that boosts a fairly fringe ID. It‘s great to see them releasing cards that have the potential to make underused IDs more viable.

While it makes sense to compare this to Pop-up Window being cheap ad NBN ice, I think the more appropriate comparison is to Slot Machine. Despite Slot Machine costing slightly extra to rez, its swing is almost always better than Congratulations. You're only going to be playing this ice for its subtype in Spark. —
That’s fair, though I’m not sure the two ICE would be necessarily competing for the same slot. SM is taxing while this generates income. I’ve seen people suggest that it might work out a deck like PE that doesn’t care too much about the runner having money, though I’m not sure it’d be worth the 2 inf a pop. —
Overall I agree. If you're not using it for its subtype, it's still just a net 2 credit swing (+3 for you +1 for the Runner compared to Popup: +1 for you -1 for the Runner) with the difference being that Popup takes away from the Runner whereas Congratulations! doesn't. I've heard it said before, that in a world of infinite money, the runner always wins because your ICE and assets then don't really exist. You probably don't want to stack this in a heavily ICEd very high either, considering its monitory gain would be offset by the increased ICE cost. That being said--perhaps Congratulations! Perhaps this is more of an early asset protection card? Maybe a, "Sure, you might trash my Marilyn campaign, but you just paid me 3 credits to shuffle it back into R&D" kind of thing. —
It seems likely that there will be an ad-based NBN ID in the next Nisei pack. I think that despite the subtype this is a huge nombo in Spark. Spark wants the runner broke and miserable. It doesn't want to be playing anything that says 'give the runner money'. —

Another intriguing card from Downfall. Clearly meant to be a fairer replacement for Maxwell James, though time will tell whether it actually is.

Seems like a good fit for Geist or maybe tag-me Liza.

An obvious combo is with The Turning Wheel in which runners can repeatedly bounce off ETR ice to build up counters on both until they have enough to derez something nasty/expensive then go for a deep dive. Though I reckon this can be countered fairly easily with careful ICE placement.

The annoying tag that comes with it can be handily dealt with by another Downfall card: Flip Switch. Using this out of Geist with a few Tech Traders installed, you can derez an ice while gaining 2 draws and potentially 6 mid run, which isn’t too shabby at all.

I’m sure someone will find a way to abuse this into NPE hell before long, but until then, I think it’s a solid addition to Geist’s arsenal.

Sorry for seeming totally out of the loop, but where exactly are these new cards coming from? I love it that people are designing new ones, but it's nice to know the source for these kinds of things. —
The new cards are being designed and created by NISEI. More details can be found on http://nisei.net/. —
Apologies, didn't realise Enter meant submit! This week is community week so cards are being revealed through content creators. There will be a summary either at the end of this week or the start of next week. —
Null + Scrubbed + Chisel + Baklan (how work with Datasucker too) + ? = Profit ! —
Does Bochkin and Datasucker work together? —
@Late Yes. —