You know how Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future was so powerful because it gave you a reliable credit every turn. This is roughly the same thing. It says "at the end of your discard phase gain 1 if you have a facedown card in archives" at the end of your DISCARD PHASE, so you could just draw over your hand size, dump a card, and make a profit.

This also works a bit like Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions: you put a trap face down in archives, say Shi.Kyū Breached Dome or Shock! Space Camp or Cyberdex (make sure the trap works in archives, so no Snare!) then leave the runner at a crossroads: either give me money every turn or run archives and suffer the traps. This is also a 40/15 identity, which is always good. Although, I haven't played this deck enough or seen this get played enough. So mabye i'm stupid and also wrong =)

Ok, turns out that most of the archive-traps are rotating, but Cyberdex sandbox works very well with the Virus suite, if they want to stop you from making money from your ability, you instead make money from Cyberdex sandbox. And you can use Hansei review to make Restructure(?) levels of money and trigger your ability.

Jtfq99999 is right, instead of overdrawing, just use Genotyping to put cards in archives and pull the cards that you want back or you can try to score out a Bacterial programming and choose what goes away or the 1-influence Helheim servers to also buff up your ice.

To me this just looks like a balanced version of IG, so if you enjoyed playing Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions, you may very well enjoy this.

<p>Close, but overdrawing is harder than having something to install</p> —
<p>When this is legal to play I think the only legal traps to fire from archives will be Shi.Kyu, Cyberdex Virus Suite and Space Camp. Not exactly a terrifying selection.</p> —
<p>My mistake, Shi.Kyu's in Honor and Profit, so that's rotating too. We'll have to see what's in System Gateway. It seems unlikely that there won't be a trap to continue Jinteki's proud tradition of rigging archives.</p> —
<p>part of the reason ETF was busted was because you could also fire it on runner turns, which doesn't work here.</p> —