Pulse 3[credit]

Ice: Code Gate - Harmonic
Strength: 1
Influence: ●●○○○

When you rez this ice during a run against this server, the Runner loses click.

subroutine The Runner loses 1credit for each rezzed piece of harmonic ice.

subroutine End the run unless the Runner spends click.

The sound welled up from the deep: throbbing, thumping, growing with every passing beat of their hearts.
Illustrated by Jakuza
Decklists with this card

Parhelion (ph)

#99 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This might be the weakest ice in the harmonic suit of ices. It will not block the runner. At best, if you use Ikawah Project, it might protect it if the runner ran on the third click. By late game, when this ice would give you the biggest amount of credits, getting those credits becomes nearly irrelevant.

Robbing a from the runner when you rez is relevant to the ice subs. This will add up over the course of a game, especially if you are Thule Subsea: Safety Below. With other tools like Mr. Hendrik, Ikawah Project, Manegarm Skunkworks, Cold Site Server and Riot Suppression, you can easily take out 8 or more. That is 2 entire turns where your assets could be working for you.

Usually, the runner will pay 2, unless they use Buzzsaw. All of this for 3 and having another harmonic ice on the board.

This is comparable to Fairchild 1.0, but paying 1 more to have the harmonic benefit. I'm not sure that is a worthy trade.

If you want to explore using the full harmonic suite, this will be part of the mix. In Thule Subsea: Safety Below, it is better because of the click tax. Out of it, it is the weakest, since you do not even need a breaker to pass it. ' Colorful art that gives the idea of a pulse, reinforcing the quote and harmonizing (pun intended) with the name. Good design.

(Parhelion era)