Make It Personal Mk 1.2 14th at BC Regionals

zengoshugoju 24

Suspected a heavy Anarch/bin breaker meta for Regionals, felt underprepared after tanking with my snowflake decks in our local GNK so panicked and put this together.

I think it's actually decent but I failed to perform and so fell to some pretty good competition. Had a blast and met some cool NR players, no regrets!

Round 1: Bye from SC,

Round 2: Loss to Ian S.'s Surfer Laamb Wu deck. Bled agendas early and didn't fool him on a critical slow roll advance. Great opponent and a good way to start the day.

Round 3: Loss to Matt N.'s MaxX deck, very similar to my Runner but piloted waaaaay better. Matt was in control and put this one away quickly. Great chance to see high-level play of a similar Runner build.

Round 4: Loss to Clint S.'s MaxX. This one was close but I couldn't find the critical ICE before his D&C dig. Had a lock on his Defracter breakers but some poor ICE placement came back to haunt. In hindsite would ensure all types of ICE had sufficient ETR subs.

Hunch was correct but couldn't capitalize on it. Regardless, had a great time. Venue was excellent (Gauntlet Games) and neat to see that many people playing NR! Kind of bittersweet actually...