The Best Boy GNK winner [Unbeaten 5 games]

boreira 602

Lets answer some subjective questions to make one unquestionable final statement

The best runner id: 419

The best event: Diversion of Funds, Stimhack, Falsified Credentials

The best resource: Pad Tap, The Class Act

The best current: Corporate Grant

The best console: Paragon

The best non breaker program: SMC, Rezeki

The best decoder: Amina

The best killer: Bukhalter

The best fracter: not tycoon but Aumakua will take that place

The best play: SMC + Stimhack for Amina or SMC + DoF surprise surprise

On the day deck won against Self-Grow Argus, Pinsels list Asa, CtM, fast adv Mirrormorph and timed draw against spicy Palana. Seems very solid for various matchups. Fun fact didnt use tycoon at all during five games and would be the same if Corroder would took that slot.

Of course calling those cards The best is a little provocation on my side but im still happy to find a good non-tagme criminal deck nowadays. Also really admire the look of new full art SMC in the deck. By the way I've started to play netrunner when Nisei took the charge of a "dead game" and it hit me that it should be something like a year or a bit more ago - did I miss the 1st anniversary celebration?!

Thank you NISEI YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! final statement

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