DEMOLITION DERBY 2.2 (4th at NYC Regionals)

Shishu 656

So the MAN tried to keep us down by limiting our right to protest, but that's not stopping us from destroying shit to GAIN A BUCK! Because now you can expose them to the media for refusing to give workman's comp.

Even though we had to cut back on the turtle brigade (the poor things are shell shocked from all the hammering), you can now maximize your travel time in outer space by running through an endless loop that gives you MORE FUCKING CREDITS!! We tried just hacking in harder, until we realized that's not nearly as good as getting 4 goddamn monies for your effort.

We fucked up the murder machine once, ran out of time against it, died an honorable death, made a pitstop to chomp down at red HQ, and died honorably once again (but not before destroying all of the fake news that came with it)

And we did it all without cheating at cards or stealing from bank accounts. We earned it through HARD WORK, like laundering mafia money, collecting kickstarter cash, and abandoning the project at the last minute without refunding backers.

28 Jun 2019 tigerlily

What deck did you play for real though? You need to isolation this deck irl. I have to imagine this deck’s better in practice than it looks on paper since the alternative is imagining each of your opponents failed to show every round, but maybe that’s more plausible than you winning a game with this pile.

28 Jun 2019 CodeMarvelous

@tigerlilywho do you think you are to come in to someone's decklist with a comment like that, where is your fourth place finish in one of the toughest metas in the world.

29 Jun 2019 Shishu

Who makes an account JUST to shit on my deck??? Is that you, Baba Yaga NPE?

29 Jun 2019 ptc

@tigerlily Imagine being such an astonishingly massive tool that you thought leaving that comment was a good idea. It boggles the mind.