Virus Mill

Rikanis 9

Use Avgustina Ivanovskaya and Simulchip to recur Virus programs and mill the corp.

Labor Rights + Moshing + Steelskin Scarring is here for advantage and draw through the deck to get into the low number of Icebreakers and aim to install multiple copies of our virus based resources.

For Icebreakers we're running Musaazi and Yusuf to take advantage of all the virus counters we have going on through cards like Fermenter, The Nihilist & Cookbook.

Code Gates will be the biggest problemsso we will have to rely on Black Orchestra and Botulus.

We have a lot of ways to trash cards without Avgustina Ivanovskaya. Things like Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator ID ability, Chastushka, Imp and Maw.

With how quick we are going through the Corp deck, we might just be able to steal the agendas before they score them out. The amount of pressure we put on the corp to protect all three central servers early is immense.