Mostly OK Sable, Feat. The Twinning [STARTUP]

Kopiok 378


Turns out The Twinning is good.

Took this to 2nd place at the Austin Startup GNK. 2-1 on the day. Couldn't decide on a runner deck to bring, so I settled on this.

Tourney Report

Game 1 was against a Precision Design. I gotta tell ya, my memory is real bad. It was against PD but I'm not 100% sure I remember exactly how the game went. I was just able to get enough early steals to win faster than they could. Worked out for me!

Game 2 was against a Near-Earth Hub. I drew my Pennyshaver early and just abused my econ to trash all their junk and a lot of their econ. From there I just won by attrition.

Game 3 another PD. They got a little flooded and I was able to steal an Offworld Office and Project Vacheron early with The Twinning. My econ couldn't really keep up with their setup, though. Got to game point and they installed into their scoring remote and had an upgrade on R&D. I blew all of my resources to get in and find a Tranquility Home Grid. If I had Pinhole'd R&D and went after that, instead, I would have won. It was a gamble that I lost.

Both sides the last games were close, it was a good tourney!

Card Choices

Oh my God put in a 3rd Pennyshaver what was I thinking! (My one friend who plays more Crim than me said I only needed 2 and we are no longer friends).

Otherwise it's hyper normal crim goodstuff. Backups on breakers because of Retribution.

I decided for 2 Twinning and a Unity instead of the 2nd Deep Dive. I could go back and forth, but I think 2 Twinning the correct play.

It's possible that Cat's Cradle is good enough replace the Unity and allow you to use a Harmony AR Therapy to get back all your good events. I'd probably have tested that change if I had more time.

The Earthrise Hotel vs. DreamNet debate left me confused and devastated so I took the cowards way out and just included them both. DreamNet plays really nice with what you want to do, but full ice on Archives makes you sad about it. Earthrise Hotel is more reliable and faster but also much more expensive. I feel like I've had a better time with DreamNet out early, so I'd probably go back to 3 of those. Needs more testing on my end.

Anyway, this deck is fine. I'm sure there's better startup Sable decks out there. Gif is for promotional purposes only. :D