Lootbox? (1st @ Startup GNK)

lopert 1618

ABR Link - 3-0 in the Ottawa Startup GNK


  • Install and Never Advance cards behind taxing ICE, forcing the runner to pay you, and the Skunk tax, to look at what mystery card you've slammed into the remote.

  • Convert the money you get from your assets or GameNET into points with SanSan City Grid.

Random Card Thoughts

Cards not included

  • Tag Punishment - I tried a few games of rig-shooting and psycho since yellow is good at tagging, but in many games they were dead cards and simply not worth the effort. :(

  • Funhouse - Without a follow up to the tagging plan, paying 5 for a porous ETR doesn't feel great. I swapped these to Whitespace which is amazing.

  • Ganked! - I totally forgot this card existed until it forced me into a Tyr in another game. It's probably a decent include as it fits the NA style, and can make people hit Tollbooth again.

25 Apr 2021 Baa Ram Wu

With lack of any tag punishment... is there any real value in ping here?

30 Apr 2021 lopert

@Baa Ram Wu Ping here is simply a barrier ETR. Most runners will opt to spend the click + 2 credits to remove the tag to avoid having their resources trashed.