Untold Swift Destruction

shruthless 76

Wanton Destruction is my favorite card in all of Netrunner. I absolutely adore its theme, art and mechanics. So I want to play it as much as I can before Order and Chaos rotates out.

The deck is built with the goal of landing multiple Wantons irrespective of whether the Corp is rushing or glaciering. That's why there are two consoles: getting a Swift down early helps against the former, while you Mosh them away and wait for the Keiko against the latter for the companion drip. Of course, Swift also helps makes landing Wantons more enjoyable! Bonus points for bringing back a Wanton with a DJ'd Steve!

While winning is not the primary goal of this deck, it actually holds up pretty well on JNet casual.

14 Dec 2021 Swiftie

I think Swift is a good card and should be used more. It gets confusing when I play it on Jnet...

15 Dec 2021 shruthless

Haha! Swift's an okay card, but it's fun! It feels good to be able to play a Day Job after a Dirty Laundry run so that you can keep Hoshi's draw going!

5 Oct 2023 EulaliaSilva

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1 Nov 2023 gemmalyly

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