Métropole Grid's Auto-Dialer - Undefeated 1st Place Naarm/M

osintelligence 233

Métropole Grid's Auto-Dialer went undefeated and performed very well at the Naarm/Melbourne CO. I funnily enough intended to play Nexus 419 at this upcoming event, and in a very timely manner Andrej showcased this deck the week of, which had key differences giving Nexus 419 the legs it needed. Namely the very potent Aumakua + Leech Combo, freeing up the need to have a fracter and giving the influence back to Stargate.

My corp list can be found here with complete write-up.

See Metropole Grid's deck dive.

7 May 2023 Council

I like this. Seems a tiny bit short on mem tho.

8 May 2023 osintelligence

Definitely looks like that on paper, you’d be surprised how much Aumakua + Leech deals with in terms of the low-mid strength ice threats. Security Nexus dealing with any large, sticky ice. There was only one match up where I installed Bukhgalter, and didn’t install Amina all day!