SOCR2 - The Only AoT - 9th Place

PaxCecilia 292

This is a pretty fun Cache Refresh list that I played in the Cache Refresh tournament held by FightingWalloon on Stimhack Slack. Of the 15 Haas-Bioroid players, I was the only player not on Engineering the Future! This is the version of the deck that I played for the last two rounds of Swiss. Midway through the tournament the final pack of the Mars cycle was released, and so CFC Excavation Contract and MCA Austerity Policy replaced Successful Field Test and some combination of operations to help the semi-fast advance strategy (Archives Memories, Preemptive Actions, Biotics and Friends were all in varying numbers for the first 3 rounds).

I ended up in 9th place after swiss rounds concluded, tied for the bottom of the cut on Strength of Schedule and missing the cut by something like 0.2 ESoS. I have to admit I was a little disappointed by being nudged out by such a narrow margin but I am very happy with how the deck performed, only losing 1 game in the tournament with it. In an environment where Employee Strike is so limited, AoT ends up saving you fistfuls of credits on rezzing ice. The economy package is a little shaky since you need to rez an ice fairly early, but once you have a bioroid (preferably FC1) rezzed it becomes a tough prospect for the runner to keep checking servers... And then if they stop running, I am able to score out an Accelerated Beta Test for 3 credits total with a Shipment from Tennin.

Any questions, feel free to ask. This is by far the best version of what I played in the tournament.

Actually I'll add this quick edit because I really didn't talk about this. CFC Excavation Contract is absolutely fucking insane for an AoT that gets to trigger its ability. Not only are you getting Bioroids rezzed for 1-3 credits each, but every one that you rez makes CFC better and better. There gets to be a point in the game where scoring a CFC out with Austerity Policy, or Biotic + Tennin ends up gaining you an incredible amount of money so that you never worry about money for the rest of the game. I was gaining like 12-18 credits while fast advancing out a 4/2. It was such a great agenda.