[Startup] Slowly getting MAD (1st Brussels GNK)

ryanbantwins 2269

Step 1: Fake a rush playstyle in order to get some cheap ICE rezzed.

Step 2: Assemble the 'combo' (most of the times that's 6 rezzed cards, MAD and 2 End of the Line)

Step 3: Play MAD (if possible keep a pharos on R&D)

Step 4: Pray to Jesus Howard that they can't find enough agendas next turn

4 Apr 2023 awildturtok

Curious, why this doesn't run 3x Hostile Takeover since you're playing a combo that will set you back 10 credits.

5 Apr 2023 Cpt_nice

@awildturtokI assume because that increases the agenda density

7 Apr 2023 ryanbantwins

This agenda suite forces the runner to steal 4 out of 9 agendas, which is probably the hardest to do out of all possible agenda suites. And that is the most important reason.

Secondly, while the deckslots in this deck aren't that thight, I do not want to decrease the amount of 'rezzable' stuff, and I don't wanna cut any of my operations.

The econ of the deck actually turned out to be fine, and worst case scenario you just don't rez the pharos.

Also, the combo is technically only 9 credits, you can still click for a credit on the second turn :)

25 May 2023 Satoshi

Hey, great deck, I've had some fun using this on jnet.

One idea I had was, Archived Memories can function as a 4th EOTL, since on the turn after MAD, you can do EOTL -> Archived Memories -> EOTL. That's a pretty good card that was banned in standard for a reason, and it might increase the reliability of the deck, since drawing two EOTLs is probably the hardest part of getting the combo off. I've been trying to find the best way to slot this into the deck.

I think one option is -1 Chekist Scion +1 Archived Memories, but sometimes Chekist scion is nice because he can be one of your sacrifices to MAD if the runner doesn't run him. Or you can bluff that he is an agenda and put the runner in a spot where they have to burn a No Free Lunch.

Another version I've tried is -2 Ping +2 Pop-up Window -1 Hedge Fund +1 Archived Memories, which in preliminary testing works well, although cutting a hedge fund is always suspect.

Curious if you have thoughts.