Greytongue Variations - 4th at Norton Mass CO

funkeyman232 29

This deck is based on Grey's Esa list, which Ysengrin let me borrow at a meetup. I made a few changes, including a last second night-before addition with Bankhar that put in so much work. I needed one more trick beyond breakers to land finality and chastuska, and botulus felt too clunky to add. Bankhar fit great, as the deck already loves trashing cards and has insane draw. After our match, DeeR sold me on Rainsdrop Cut Stone as a less flexible but just as good deuces wild. I would cut the moshings to play RCS, and add another Bankhar.

Overall I went 2-1 with the deck, thanks all for some great games. Shoutout to DeeR for making the journey to join us, it was great meeting you!