Annoying Kate

vor_lord 194

I took this to 2nd place in Haunted Game Cafe's Store Championship on Dec 19 in Fort Collins, CO.

This is a very slightly modified version of @aandries's Annoying AF Kate that he took to top shaper at Worlds. I took the third Career Fair over Networking (good choice as I didn't face a single SYNC). I also added Feedback Filter as I predicted a lot of Jinteki.

NOTE: I somehow ended up playing @aandries online a few days before the tournament, and he very graciously offered the latest version of this deck. Therefore, this list is NOT exactly what I actually played, as I took the changes that he was using at the time. I'll let him publish what they are when he wants. This published list is what I was planning to bring until my lucky encounter. Huge thanks to @aandries not only for a deck which is powerful and fun, but for being an awesome guy and sharing with a relatively inexperienced player (this was only my 2nd competitive tournament).

I'm publishing this purely so I can claim my 2nd place on I certainly do not deserve any credit whatsoever for this absolute powerhouse of a deck.

The FF was installed in one game. Jason W., who was undefeated in Swiss, had a beastly Palana Mushin deck, but between Vamp and FF, I was able to shut him down. Surprisingly there was only one Jinteki PU and I didn't face it.

I would have ridden this deck to first place -- I was undefeated in the cut going into the final two. Unfortunately I lost my mind, pushed when I didn't have to, and discovered that I had installed one too many programs a few turns earlier. I took a game loss and William L. (@w90043) finished my HB Sleeper Hold off easily in the final match. Congrats to William on his win in his very first competitive tournament, even though he did use the Breaking News I loaned him against me!!! :)

On the day Kate dropped two games: one to my play error/game loss, and one to a fantastically timed Hellion Beta Test of all things. Ben took out my toolbox as one of the cards, turning off Data Folding, trashing a program, and I never recovered.

MVP is Vamp. I landed vamps in every game, two for more than 25 credits.

6 Jan 2017 spags

Nice job. The Rabbit Holes area huge addition.

7 Jan 2017 mrgoldendeal

Why would you ever need 7 link 0_o

7 Jan 2017 aron13

what are the changes that @aandries was using? I played a lot his worlds deck and would like to know. Thanks

7 Jan 2017 spags
7 Jan 2017 aron13

Thanks! :)

8 Jan 2017 saracenus

@spags That version was only one card off the version I built! Yes, I had 46 cards. Good to see I was on the right track. I do like the one change made, will be incorporating it.

8 Jan 2017 dmartel

Congrats! I've been loving @aandries deck as well. On my side, have gone -1 Career Fair + 1 Turning Wheel for HQ pressure.

17 Feb 2017 jase2224

Hey, just wanted to make sure you knew that the TEG store championship got moved up a week to this Saturday 02/18. Hope you can still make it!

17 Feb 2017 vor_lord

At least three of us will be coming down -- I'll be there.

18 Feb 2017 jase2224

Awesome! See you tomorrow.