Batty's Vindaloo Special - 1st Place Wrexham & Chester SC's

BeNNyBiLL 667

This is the deck I piloted this weekend to secure back to back victories in both the 13-player 4th Planet Games SC in Wrexham and the 14-player Tabletop Game Shop SC in Chester.

The deck was undefeated in Wrexham after 6 games. The deck won 4 of the 6 games in Chester.

The deck name comes from my friend Jonny, who after looking at the deck list proclaimed "It's like every other HB deck, but it's spicy!".

3x NEXT Gold is essential. Rototurret is your 4th smaller gold. Once you have money and Batty in play then its usually a case of winning a psi game and its GG. FIHP can continually cycle the Batty's back for more if you can't win your psi. The other operations do nightmarish things to the runner. I guess you can call that "The Spice".

No Hedge Fund because AAL in ETF nets you more value if you trigger on your opponents turn. It also lets you bait Temujin Contracts and is another target for FIHP.

I was lucky enough not to see Rumor Mill. Anarchs seem to prefer Employee Strike in my area (thank the lords!). Maybe Switch HBT for another ELP if you think that card is in circulation.

23 Jan 2017 Nemonix

This Deck had me on tilt for both Tournaments xD even stole my local SC from me placing me in 2nd with the kill

23 Jan 2017 J-Flex

Spicy! :)

23 Jan 2017 J-Flex

At first glance it did look like the popular HB list, same agenda suite, next ice but 3x Batty made my eyes pop out :) I think I was rather fortunate to not come up against this at the weekend.

25 Jan 2017 CrushU

What do you think about the lack of Biotic Labor?? That's the only hesitation I have to pull the trigger on running this deck... It looks strong.

26 Jan 2017 BeNNyBiLL

@CrushUthis is not a fast advance deck. Biotic does nothing to help with the main game plan. It is an urban myth that all ETF decks must be fast advance. Funnily enough that works to this decks strength as many of my opponents have been caught off guard by the Batty + NEXT Gold combo.

If you want to pilot this deck, forget about rushing to 7 agenda points. You just need 10 credits and a batty gold server with something to bait it with. When they run it, and you win the psi game, they either flat-line to net damage, or they lose their whole rig. In which case you score out behind some ETR ICE that they can no longer break.

26 Jan 2017 Angelofdeath

So for a noob can you explain please :) If a sifr para runner instigate a run on a batty next gold server. Can I Rez and batty their SMC before they can para sifr trash? Or same but with clonechip? Who's actions take priority.... thx

26 Jan 2017 CrushU

@Angelofdeath Yes, you can rez and Batty the SMC. No, you can't Batty the incoming Parasite off a Clone Chip. (So, generally, if they're showing Clone Chip + Parasite in yard, don't rez Batty/Gold.)

@BeNNyBiLL It's more that Biotic Labor can let you win from 5 points without needing a server. It's not about the deck being Fast Advance. With Şifr Ice Destruction being extremely popular, which Batty doesn't actually stop the Clone Chip-Parasite combo, I'm less inclined to run a deck that can't close out the game. Additionally, if they hit you with a Rumor Mill, Biotic Labor allows you to knock it out without needing your now-blank Batty. Still, I'll give it a try.

26 Jan 2017 CrushU

All that said, you do have tech in here to answer both Şifr and Rumor Mill in the Hellion Beta Test and the Enhanced Login Protocol.

26 Jan 2017 BeNNyBiLL

@Angelofdeathif you look at the timing structure of a run, at step 2.3 you can simultaneously rez NEXT Gold, rez Marcus Batty and use Marcus Batty's active ability all before the runner can react. As it is the Runner's turn, they still get priority to act first in step 2.3, but this is before they have encountered the ICE and before the ICE is even rezzed. They will have to wait until step 3.1 to install a parasite. This means you can indeed trash the SMC before the SMC can be activated to tutor a parasite on the NEXT Gold so long as you win the psi game. Clone chips are not programs, therefore you can't remove them with NEXT Gold, but Batty will still fire that all important subroutine before they remove the ICE.

I wouldn't worry too much about the NEXT Gold's getting parasited as the psi game will likely be lethal or will destroy the entirety of their breaker suite. If all else fails use FIHP to reinstall both the gold and the batty and try again. ICE destruction match-ups can be tough but keep using friends to get ICE back and use jackson to get friends back in the deck when possible.

29 Jan 2017 Sheshonk

Won a SC with a deck based off of this. Wouldn't cut the Helion Beta Test. Knocked out a Wyldside on turn 2 or 3 against a Dumblefork, which allowed me to coast to the win.

  • -2 Vitruvius, +2 CST.
  • -1 Vanilla, +1 Macrophange
  • -1 Gold, +1 Roto
  • -1 Swordsman, +1 Architect