The Notorious 419 (2nd Jnet SF SC)

ClosDeLaRoche 763

A Good Stuff 419 that got a nice power boost with Bravado and Mystic Maemi.

The two most unusual choices are the Notoriety and Black Orchestra.

Noto is especially excellent against 6-agenda Azmari. It feels great to be at 6 points with a Noto in hand, the corps never see it coming! 10/10 great use of an influence.

My though on Black Orchestra over Amina is that in most games you don't need a decoder. Turtle + Datasucker is sufficient. It feels bad holding onto Amina the whole game and even worse spending 7 credits to install it when you may not use it all that much. So, clunky Amina is out and install-from-the-bin-if-you-need-it Black Orchestra is in. The only weakness is Fairchild 3.0 on centrals.

Only change I would make is to find room for another Earthrise Hotel. Cutting a Daily Casts is probably the best choice.