Use your Sac con (SMC 1st)

yeoda 945

Mason loves Nexus too much. 2 days before SMC, he played against my CTM and dismantled it.

After winning LCQ, I really wanted a change of scenery. I also really wanted clot (lots of FA outside of CTM).

Things I learned:

  1. Use Sac con to save things that get trashed. (like maybe enforcing loyalty on your security nexus).
  2. Actually use your Kate discount?
  3. I miss my Anarch recursion.
  4. Play your decks IRL so you don't miss so many triggers for the world to see.
  5. Mopus first, rabbit holes next, and then Nexus -> win.

Big shout out to Mason for giving the list. Also shout-out to the 2 random people I played the morning before I went in to play it IRL for the first time.

19 Sep 2016 Oh_Em_Ve

Deck seems good xD

Thanks for posting definitely gonna play around with this a bit cause I too need a small break from anarch.

19 Sep 2016 yeoda

It was great meeting you Ve! You are a solid player. Glad I got to hang with your crew. See you at the next event :)

20 Sep 2016 Oh_Em_Ve

Awesome! Same with you. I'm super looking forward to the next time we can play!

20 Sep 2016 Tomasaki

I dunno how exactly you managed to pull this off, man, but I'm inspired and ready to try it out for a while. Leela is starting to make me a little sad.

20 Sep 2016 ElderMason

Proud of you.

21 Sep 2016 Jandersoncad

This deck was...ok. Lol I'm joking games were awesome. This deck is sick. You made me completely switch gears playing against it. I started with two ice and decided I just had to go sideways. I wasn't going to be able to let it go to late game.

23 Sep 2016 ANRguybrush

Great deck. I got two questions though: Why did you switch from Val and where can I see your Val deck?